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When marketing business that are trying to avail brand new products, conquer new market niches, or keep ongoing communication with current costumers, one of the most effective and low cost alternatives to consider is the professional use of postcards. They provide a consistent and efficient solution to the eternal problem of obtaining customers' attention towards your product or service.

Postcards are a simple, low cost & effective marketing tool for Tampa Businesses

Handiness is one of the main positive aspects of this marketing tool: they are very easy to handle. Low cost is also one of its appreciable advantages, because their printing costs are pretty inexpensive. These two arguments, plus the possibility of generating quick results, constitute the main incentive that leads many businesses and companies to use this marketing approach. All those qualities are contained as the general attributes of our postcards, which are designed to be attention getters because of their vibrant full color, double side printing and attractive graphic content.

The possibility of maximizing the ongoing messages flow between the company and its existing client database represents another significant reason to use postcard printing. Postcards might as well adjust to be used as a complement for other tools like pocket folders and brochure, and this is why they are a highly versatile resource, which can be displayed in several stages of the corporate marketing activities.

There are two main categories of postcards / flyers regarding to their printing price, and they are related to the type of card and coating.

1.Simple, uncoated light weight card: Lowest cost, they are useful for very specific purposes, and they are still very popular among a large number of companies.

2. UV Coated stock postcard: It is a little more expensive, but if it's designed professionally, can be highly effective because it's more durable and eye catching, which guarantees a good investment return.
Here at Print Shop Tampa, we are capable of assisting you with the design of any postcard you need. We have a whole in-house service platform running to fulfill this goal. We are aware that one of the most important aspects to consider while designing a postcard, is its purpose, because this determines all the details and characteristics.

Reach your target audience with an eye catching postcard from Print Shop Tampa

Our creative process for postcards is based on our clients' needs. We make sure that we are using relevant images and highly attractive trendy graphics, which will prevent you from wasting your money investment in a postcard that will be ignored, lost or considered pointless by your audience. We are familiarized with our client needs, and we can make effective postcards for all the most commonly used commercial businesses, which frequently belong to a wide range of industries, like real estate, education and home loan, among others.

If you have a well targeted audience you want to reach, and you are looking forward to make a marketing effort to hook them up, or keeping up a solid, productive relationship with your existing customers, postcards are the way to go, because people usually read what comes to their mailboxes, if its relevant to their interests, and if they somehow expect this information, they will surely paid attention to it. This mainly why most companies prefer postcard printing over other strategies like commercials, which not only are more expensive, but have a high chance of being rejected or ignored, because they come unexpected.

If you own a business in Tampa, and you feel the need to announce your products, services, as well as any new feature you wish to add to your catalog, Print Shop Tampa printers are the team you need. We will help you to create a high-quality postcard that really hits the target you are aiming for.

  • Premium CS2 14pt Cardstock
  • Lightning Fast Same Day and Next Day Turnaround Available!
  • Full Color Printing
  • Double-sided Printing Available
  • High Gloss UV Coating or Aqueous Coating
  • Custom Spot UV also Available
  • Direct Mail Options Available
  • EDDM Direct Mail Postcards