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Use Postcards to introduce yourself to Potential Tampa Clients.

One effective and efficient method for marketing a message is through using postcards, for postcards attract clients and customers toward the products or services that are discussed on the cards. They are a simple, flexible and low-cost method for businesses to advertise new products, gain new clientele and keep in touch with current customers by offering them specials or promotions. There are many reasons why this approach is used by businesses and smaller companies: postcards are rather inexpensive to print, they are easily handled and they provide results very quickly. At Print Shop Tampa our direct mail postcards are an excellent attention grabber, not only because people are familiar with postcards, but because they are also printed in brilliantly vibrant, full color, they feature double-sided printing and visually appealing graphics.

Postcard Mailers are more than just a marketing tool, they can be used for market research for your Tampa Business.

Postcard printing is not limited to just advertising and marketing campaigns, however. Businesses and all manner of organizations have used them for surveys, to reply to their clients and as a way for clients to place orders. Postcards are also great for announcing business or product news to existing customers, so they are always aware of what is going on at the business or organization. Businesses use postcards for promotional material and marketing purposes; the most commonly used and received post cards are: real estate, education and home or personal loan postcards.

Postcard Direct Mail Pricing & Design From Print Shop Tampa

Prices for postcards vary depending on what kind of card is wanted: a UV coated postcard on heavy stock is far more durable and eye catching than an uncoated and lightweight card, but is a bit more costly. Purpose is something that must be taken into consideration when designing a postcard: the message must be clear and concise, which is something that Print Shop Tampa we can help. We have a team of extremely skilled graphic designers that can provide in-house design recommendations and services after consulting with the requestor. It is important to use visually appealing and relevant images that will draw the viewer's attention, that way they want to read the message presented on the postcard. Contact information must also be provided on the postcard, or the message may end up becoming lost. However, when a business partners up to design their postcards with the Print Shop Tampa design team, they end up creating something very memorable.

Postcards are an effective tool for any Tampa Florida Business.

A postcard is an extremely effective tool to be utilized by any business in Tampa Florida. They are one of the best ways to reach a target audience and when mail is delivered to someone's home, it is almost certain to be read. A person has the desire to know what has been delivered to them before deciding if it is something to keep or discard. A well-designed postcard has a much higher likelihood of being read and saved as a reminder, than any other form of advertising does. Print Shop Tampa will work with any business to design postcards that are not only visually appealing, but stand out from all other forms of advertising, therefore grabbing the eye of both old and new clientele.

  • Premium CS2 14pt Cardstock
  • Lightning Fast Same Day and Next Day Turnaround Available!
  • Full Color Printing
  • Double-sided Printing Available
  • High Gloss UV Coating or Aqueous Coating
  • Custom Spot UV also Available
  • Direct Mail Options Available
  • EDDM Direct Mail Postcards