Clearwater Florida's Favorite Flyer Printer is Print Shop Tampa

Clearwater’s Best Flyer Printer

High Gloss, Color, Promotional Flyers Printed Fast

Our flyer printing will be your first choice because we are simply the best and no other printing company in Clearwater, Florida comes close to us in terms of quality and artistry. We are a step ahead of the competition because we print on no less than thick 100lb book paper when our competitors cut costs and choose only 60 or 80lb thin paper. We also come out ahead of the printing pack by printing 500 line screens on each flyer rather than the usual 240 line prints. This translates to over 200 more fine lines of color and smoother print text, giving you the most vibrant flyer possible. We offer Double-sided printing with your order of flyers FREE of charge.

Flyer Quantities In Clearwater Florida

We provide flyers from 500 pieces to as many as you wish. We also give out bulk discounts on the more flyer prints you order from us. You will be glad to know that we only use commercial industrial-grade printing presses and not just the usual standard mill inkjet printer, and that is one of the reason our minimum order flyers is high.

Flyer Coatings & Finishes

Our standard flyers have a normal finish of semi-gloss and a smooth aqueous coating. This coating differentiates your special flyer from the usual ones because of the shine and class. If you need more for your high-profile flyers, we can provide a UV coating for a professional and high gloss finish that will stand out from the crowd with a special shine, great durability and vibrant colors.

Clearwater Florida's Favorite Flyer Designers

Need help in creating a design for your flyers? Look no further. We have a special in-house team that is more than willing to help. With years of experience under their belt, we will work with you in creating the most attractive flyer that will captivate your audience’s attention and will leave a lasting impression with your message. Our affordable custom design flyers cost $75, and if you need some minor adjustments, typesetting or to improve your existing designs, we only charge $32.

Flyer Sizing Options

Our prints come with standard-sized 8.5”x11”, 3.66”x8.5”, 5.5”x8.5”, 8.5”x14” and 11”x17” sizes. Don’t let that limit your imagination- we can make a custom size flyer just for you. Contact us for more questions and information regarding this service.

We are enthusiastic to get you started with your flyers, and offer a free file check courtesy of Print Shop Tampa. Give us a few hours up to a business day to check your flyer design files and generate proofs, and in this process we make sure that the specifications are accurate and ready to print before you give the order. This is a great free service from us as we want to make sure everything is fine until you are ready to print..

Clearwater's Florida's Best Flyer Pricing

You would think that such great printing color and paper would be expensive. We are on par or even lower in pricing than most of our printing competitors in Clearwater Florida, with starting prices at $205 for 500 regular 8.5”x11” flyer prints. We work better at giving you big discounts with bulk printing.

Clearwater Florida's Fastest Flyer Production Turnaround Times

We print your flyer speedily and give it to you just as fast. Our standard turnaround time is 5 to 7 days or you can opt for the rush option order for a quick 2 to 4 days turnaround time.